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  • How to pack your backpack - A helpful Illustrated guide

    An illustrated guide to packing your backpack well for a healthy back
  • Do you know what a Duffel Bag is? (or is it Duffle?)

    From traditional Aussie Surfer bag to a more modernly styled Holdall, the Duffel Bag (or is it Duffle?) is a term applied to a wide range of bags. Whatever the term means to you, Marathon is able to help with a stylish good value product.
  • Marathon's new range of Printed Cute Teddy Bears

    Cute new range of printed teddy bears
  • Too old for a backpack? What piffle!

    Helen Mirren was accused of being too old to wear a backpack after she posted a photograph wearing the accessory online. Sandra Howard reveals why ...
  • Do you Hav-a-sak?

    Marathon have been selling their uniquely designed Havasak in the UK for almost 30 years. This versatile, great value Duffle Bag is large enough to...
  • Is your bag wrecking your back?

    Is your bag wrecking your back? It shouldn't be if you have chosen a quality, well designed bag and packed it correctly. Here at Marathon we are pa...
  • New insights about backpack pain

    A 2016 Italian study on back pain caused by backpacks revealed two notable findings: Teen girls appear to experience more severe backpack-related p...
  • Marathon's 30th Anniversary

    2019 marks the 30th year of Marathon providing high quality bags and accessories to the UK market. From humble beginnings in 1989, Marathon has gro...