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  • Summer 2020

    Summer has somehow arrived. We have all been through such a strange time this year, with the pandemic, lockdown, social distancing and trying to adjust to the new normal.  It has been a trying and difficult time for us all, but we have all been in this together.

    So, the Summer holidays are upon us and we are now experiencing a little ease on restrictions, time to be able to enjoy things with family and just appreciate the outdoors. Thankfully, the Great British weather has been kind to us!

    We are thankfully back as a company and we want to share some great products that may be of great use to you for holidays, a day at the beach or a fun family hike, whatever you enjoy doing.

    I wanted to talk through some of fab products that are really suitable for this time of year and pack a punch in versatility, remember all our backpacks are designed with back-care in mind so offer great support too.

  • Havasak

    The Havasak. This is our versatile duffle style bag and comes in 7 colours. Its super lightweight and perfect for hiking, cycling, a day out at the beach and so much more.  Its one of our most popular bags and can be easily folded away for storage. The Havasak provides plenty of room for your items, has adjustable straps and a handy zip accessory pocket. Great for adults and older children.  The Havasak also has the option to be printed with a gym style logo (ready for when they open).
  • Summer Holdalls

    Ok, so we have quite a few and I’ve spoken about them before, but they really are great. Firstly, we have The Hercules, the larger of the range and available in 2 colours. This bag has a handy wet sleeve so you can do away with the plastic bags for wet gym and swimming bits whilst being environmentally friendly too.

    The Apollo, which I have blogged about before also comes with a wet sleeve and has a double bottle holder, very handy!  Then we have the Kit Bag, which is the baby of our range and really great for kids. Our bags are all made of durable high- quality nylon and last.  Check out the products for yourselves, there’s lots more and you can find your requirements within the range.

  • Autumn Blog

    I love the outdoors and being active, but sometimes the great British weather (months of endless rain) restricts my routine, and I find myself heading back to the gym.

    At Marathon we have a wide range of sports and gym bags to suit all individual needs, in a range of colours too. My personal favourite is The Apollo, named (ironically for this time of year) after the Greek God of the sun. 

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  • Cycling with a ChiroPak

    Let me start off by introducing myself…………………………My name is Tanya and I’ve been working for Marathon for a while, and really enjoying my experience.  I’m a busy active mum of two who loves the outdoors; running, cycling, hiking. I hope you enjoy my blog.

     So, this weekend I took our ChiroPak® on a bike ride..........

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