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Back to School

You may all think I’m being a little over hasty with the ‘back to school’ title being announced, just as schools finish for the well-deserved summer break; but let me explain!

I’m sure as parents you’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of you, what with organising the kids and making sure everything is set for the holidays.  Whether you’re off to an exotic destination, or just chilling in a very HOT England, (air con on max in our office!) we’re here to help.

Students, I’m not forgetting you either, you’ve all earned this break, exams take their toll and you all need a little R&R; right?

Our website has a wide range of school bags to cater from pre-school children to college years and we’ve been in this business for 30 years; we know our stuff.  So, as a celebration of our 30th anniversary we want to give a little back. 

With every purchase you good people make on our website, we have a treat for you.

We’re giving away a fab navy swim bag from today until the 31st August (2019).

Now how you use it is up to you! This versatile bag can be used for swimming (obvious I know), but that’s not all.  Keep it in your handbag as a bag for life when getting the daily shop in, (I am guilty of nearly always forgetting mine at the checkout). Keep your essentials safe when out on a sunny bike ride, a walk in the country or a commute to work.  Throw your picnic inside when taking the kids to the park.  Whatever you use it for, it’ll come in handy!

Finally from all of us at Marathon Bags Direct, we wish you a fantastic summer; enjoy!

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