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Cycling with a ChiroPak

Let me start off by introducing myself…………………………My name is Tanya and I’ve been working for Marathon for a while, and really enjoying my experience.  I’m a busy active mum of two who loves the outdoors; running, cycling, hiking. I hope you enjoy my blog.

 So, this weekend I took our ChiroPak® on a bike ride.   When the weather is nice, (not often enough) I love to get on my cycle and burn off some energy around the beautiful villages of Surrey.  I always make a day of it, and find that my bum bag isn’t enough for keys, phones and all the other bits you need, and I don’t feel comfortable in the padded jerseys; (I’m fussy) so I opted for the ChiroPak®


Now a little on why I chose the ChiroPak®.  Designed by experts in back care and ergonomics, the ChiroPak® is our flagship back care product. The best option when choosing a bag which loves your back. Exclusively endorsed by the Chiropractors Association of Australia, this ergonomically designed bag is comfortable and strong with a unique adjustable spinal board specifically designed to allow you to shape the pack to your back, evenly distributing weight & providing maximum comfort.

 I loved it!!! I’m tall and find my posture needs working on, I tend to slouch or sit in the wrong position for my spine. Anyway, I found that the supportive back panel not only cushions you in, it also gently forces you to sit up straighter reducing back pain after a long ride, just the ticket I needed.  In fact, it’s a bag that would be suitable for motorbikes too, (another hobby of mine) but only as a pillion rider.

 The location of my ride was Swinley forest, its well known for bike trails and gets very busy on the weekends. It’s a hard cycle with lots of uphill’s and uneven track, so I was grateful for the double chest straps that ensured the bag stayed exactly where it should be, my back! The bag had plenty of room to hold everything I take with me, from a spare tyre to my lunch and the extra water I take on a warm day; gotta keep hydrated. 

So, do I recommend this bag? Yes, it comes in 3 sizes, I opted for the medium which I found the perfect fit with the chest straps and how it sat in proportion to my back. My ride was comfortable, and I didn’t feel like I was carrying a lot of weight.  The best part, which I cannot recommend enough is the cushioned back panel that gives you that extra support and stops items digging into you, (which can be so annoying).  Whether you’re cycling, on the motorbike or running this bag is supportive and comfortable. Give the ChiroPak® a go, you won’t be disappointed. 

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