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How to pack your backpack - A helpful Illustrated guide

Do you chuck your things randomly into your backpack and wonder why your back hurts?

Well here's the thing: Most people do exactly this and we thought it would be helpful to provide an illustrated guide on how to pack it properly.

So why does it matter, how you pack your backpack?

Well it matters because a badly packed backpack can very easily cause you to have pain in your back or even to cause serious damage.

This is especially true in children where the charity #BackcareUK say that "1 in 4 children in the UK experience regular or daily back pain" and that "Children should not carry more than 10% of their body weight"

But don't think that this is is not relevant these principles also apply to adults.

So as promised, here it is:  A very helpful illustration we have produced on how to place things correctly in your backpack so that you avoid damage to your back.

You can also click here for much more advice on packing your bag and keeping your back healthy.

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