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Summer Holidays

It’s that time of year again.  Summer is slowly reaching its end; the new school term is looming, and it’ll be Christmas again before you know it! 😉 I hope you’ve all enjoyed a holiday; we certainly have, and we took our favourite Marathon bags along for the ride. 

I spent my holidays in Greece this year and although the heat was a little too much, I still managed to do a bit of hiking and a lot of boat trips.  As always, I had my trusted ChiroPak at hand.

I like to travel light so the Chiropak came as my cabin bag, fitting all my family’s essentials for the plane.  The different compartments helped to organise everything, so I wasn’t searching around for passports, or boarding cards at the bottom of a bag; everything had its place and made my journey a lot easier. 

We hiked one morning (before the sun got too hot), and once again I didn’t want to carry a lot.  The ChiroPak (mine’s a medium) easily fitted 2 beach towels, suntan lotions, water, keys, mobiles and wallet.  The sternum and waist straps were a life saver, my bag stayed put and I was able to hike with confidence and ease and didn’t feel constricted or that I was carrying a heavy load; exactly what you need when navigating twisty Greek trails!

Boat trips! Easily the best part of my holiday.  In the past the sea has claimed several of my bags on such trips.  I used to take 2/3 bags with all different bits in, then lose one getting on/off boats when the seas became a little choppy! Not this year, no soggy sandwiches and no double checking everything; so much easier.

I really can’t praise this bag enough. It’s practical, cares for your spine, distributes the weight of your load evenly and makes life just that little bit easier! Three sizes and two colours to choose from…Go on , give it a try!

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